Penis Milking is good Exercise Method of Enlarge Penis Size

Today, men want a bigger penis. Therefore, there are reports that the 7 / 10 women were satisfied with the bed. Also questions on the grounds that it couples who choose to end their relationship because the others do not with what their partners are satisfied. Such cases occur especially in males. Therefore, if you are successful relationship, then starting to look full and starts to improve your penis size.

Now you can explore the various ways to improve your penis. In fact, many of them can be found, but not everyone can safely and effectively. One good thing that the ID of a pain in the exercise that opt ​​to serve the most people and is due to the wet treatment. If you want to start recall that it is important that it is a reliable oil. Just not with soap or shampoo, because it just irritate the penis. But I also use when fully erect. The following instructions on how to start penis milking wet:

1. Warm-start should heat the surface of the penis. We recommend using a hot-start cycle, or a hot hot shower.

2. Lubricate the success of the hot areas of the penis, is the next thing to do is to apply an appropriate amount of lubricant to the penis. Milking wet exercises, you need to be lubricated by all parties. However, if it is too dry, and oil just starts to the left. To create a part of the penis, as only 50-60% but not more than he is.

3. Take the “OK sign” – so you can do, take along your left hand between thumb and forefinger. Hold the base of his penis, which is the opposite of the head. Please note that should your hands back into her body.

4. Drag the next step would be to carefully remove the body. Move your finger down from the tree. The attempt to do the same with the right hand.

5. Recurring event: a rhythmic movement. It’s like milking a cow seems to masturbation, or vice versa. It can be repeated as long as you want and the number of repeats.

Thus, it is to stop the installation help and disappear eventually. So if you feel like ejaculating, you need to stop and focus control. Please note that you increase your penis pleasure. More penis milking

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